About us

Dertaste is first ecommerce site launched to deliver smile and taste of local food and arts items to people. As inspired by 'Make in India' programme, we started in March 2015 with 200 + products for people and expected to bring every non-perishable food products of India, for every Indian by taste.
Items categories are broadly classified in two things:
 Handicraft range starting from handbags to wooden portray of Indian culture. You will find 80+ options of beautiful art works of various different cultures.
Food (non-perishable items) range containing sweets, snacks, pickles, and nankeens again categorized according to local taste of different communities. Covering 150 + items options for individual taste, we also provide various services as mentioned in our BUSINESS SERVICE, as per as your requirement.

Our Team

As busy with their metro life, they always die for their own home town taste and really proud of their local arts. So they collaboratively come to decision, rather a solution to launch DERTASTE to help people to have their local taste and art products with quicker delivery, good quality, faster accessibility and bulk order facility.
 A. Maheshwari: By qualification He is CA .But he loves pickle to be always there in his kitchen stock. With an experience of 3 years in FMCG field, he vowsto make Dertaste, as first source who can help himself and others, to fulfil their needs and not to sleep without their local taste.
A. Maheshwari : By qualification ,he is recently IIT graduate .But in his ‘Vanvas’ of 8 years out of home , he always used to carry extra bag of his favourite foods and arts items with him .He vows to start listing as many as products , that people do not have to worry about their extra bags .
A. Maheshwari: She is engineer by choice, but a food lover by birth. She is working lady and thus due to shortage of time, facing a problem of not able to prepare and purchase all the items by herself. She vows to faster deliver and quality products to people, so guest and family members are always served with good taste.

Our Vision

  To reach people and increase approachability of delivery different place of the world, with tag of local Indian taste suppliers and art suppliers.
To remove burden of people of metro cities during occasions and festival seasons.
 Also as inspired by’ MAKE IN INDIA’ , we aims to create market for special and unprivileged people , who had a skills to make extra unordinary masterpiece in handicraft .


  Starting as ecommerce site, we want to become a first online market place for sweet, snacks and handicrafts .Where customer can have different sellers listed and different options to choose best amongthem.
In handicraft, besides selling the famous items and master art piece, we would like to achieve ‘make on demand‘handicraft piece.

What we are not

  1. We will never cheat you in matter of quality; even we will provide you a sample with each of our delivery, if not up to your wish, just give us chance to serve you with different taste.
2. We don’t just want to increase our sale. We want to make our customers experience a best one, and thus also want to increase retention number of existing customers.
3. We are not just an ecommerce site like others, we are a service provider ofsweets, snacks and many others, at the time of important functions as per as requirement.
4. We are not just professional sellers; we are customers by heart who believe in economical and feasible solutions to problems.
5. We are not a company to earn, we are company to serve.